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Harriet Wakelam: “The experience is powerful, motivating and exciting....made me feel like superwoman.”

Liz Guthridge: “...these habits have stuck and are now part of my daily routine.”


Kalen Bruce: "I’ve completed a session; it was simple and fun..."


Mark Channon: "I've created new habits and behaviours for productivity, health, writing, ideas, meditation, fun..."

Michaela Stephens: “The beauty of starting a tiny habit is that it is also painless.”

Greg Meyer: “a way of training yourself to take small steps that will build into specific behaviors”

David Davies: “with motivation running high this week other habits might also form”


Abbi Perets: "...it occurred to me that changing it might benefit our family. I harnessed the power of the tiny habit."

Lauri Callister: “It’s working. . . in just a few days it becomes pretty automatic.”

Modern Mrs. Darcy“It’s working:  I’ve been doing my 3 tiny habits successfully for a month...”

Jesse Meachem from YNAB (Video)


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Lauren Sommer from KQED (Health & Science) came to my home to talk about Tiny Habits.


You can read or listen to Lauren’s piece. I suggest you listen. It’s more fun. 


You can also read it on the science section of KQED.

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