Tiny Habits for Kids

On this page, you'll find resources for helping your kids learn the Tiny Habits Method.
Learning from experts trained by Dr. BJ Fogg and Linda Fogg-Phillips, you can select from a variety of teaching and learning opportunities.
We'll add new information to this page regularly. 

Upcoming offerings

Tiny Habits for Kids - School Success

Success in school, either virtually or in-person, is profoundly influenced by the good habits your child CAN develop. Would you like to facilitate your student's acquisition of good habits for a successful school yet?

Join Robin Lindberg, M.Ed. and both a mother of two adult children and a 30 year educational veteran with experience in the public, private, and homeschool worlds. Robin brings an informed perspective to supporting learners of all ages.


Join Robin for a customized, free, 5-day program to build habits for school success. 

Learn more and sign-up to be notified about the launch: https://forms.gle/EdBk632TDff9ULFX6 

Previously offered

Tiny Habits for Kids at Home

30-minute session taught by Jennifer Lee, M.Ed.

The kids will be home for HOW LONG?! Learn how to use Tiny Habits to add structure (and fun!) to your day. 

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