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We start a new 5-day session each Monday. Participation is free. 

You will get guidance from an expert I've trained in my method—a Certified Tiny Habits Coach.


Once your 5-day session starts, from Monday through Friday, your expert coach will check in with you every day via email. Your reply back is simple; it takes about 30 seconds. Yes —> it's quick and easy.


Our intent is to help you learn how habits work.


To join a 5-day session (at no charge) click the button below.



— BJ Fogg, PhD


P.S. See what people tweet about Tiny Habits or search #tinyhabits yourself on Twitter. The success delights people, and it opens the door to future success. Join me to experience this for yourself.  


Free 5-Day Program to Build Habits

I've shared Tiny Habits with over 60,000 around the world---and many more each month.


I invite you to join too.

My 5-day method is simple and effective. And people say it's fun 🎉

A session looks like this:

  • Getting set up (25 min): You read simple instructions online, watch some of my short videos, and then design three new habits.

  • Monday-Friday (3 min / day): You practice your new habits and respond to a daily email from a Tiny Habits Coach.

That's all!

In less than 40 minutes total, you'll learn skills that will benefit you for life.

100% privacy. A few emails a month. No spam.

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