Expert Help with Coronavirus Challenges

The experts Dr. BJ Fogg and Linda Fogg-Phillips, Tiny Habits Academy Director, have trained in Tiny Habits are offering ongoing sessions for using Tiny Habits for Coronavirus Challenges. 

Scroll the offerings below to find a topic that interests you. Each session ranges from 15-45 minutes in length. See below to sign up for upcoming sessions.

To see recordings from past sessions, click here.

Check back often, as we add new trainings frequently. Please email with questions. 

Tiny Habits Daily with BJ Fogg


2pm PDT


Got questions about habits, esp. those related to the current crisis? Send them to BJ at He'll share answers during this 15-min online session today (and every day, M-F) at 2pm pacific.

This 15-minute session is taught by BJ Fogg, PhD. 

Join BJ at 2pm PT here (no registration required):

Pearl Habits™ with Linda Fogg-Phillips: Creating beauty from life's challenges with courage, strength, and resilience

Mon, Wed, Fri

(Starting 5/25)

11am PDT


Pearl Habits™ with Linda Fogg-Phillips will be broadcast live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am PT. During these sessions, you will learn how to use Pearl Habits to create beauty from the challenges that you face in your life so that you can be happier, healthier, and more resilient.

On Mondays, Linda will help you kick off your week by sharing Pearl Habits that you can implement to make every day a "Great Day," regardless of what that day brings.

On Wednesdays, Linda will feature a guest that has successfully created Pearl Habits that have helped them weather the storms in their life.

On Fridays, Linda will respond to questions that you have about creating Pearl Habits in your life. You can enter the questions that you would like Linda to respond to at this link:

These 20-minute sessions are taught by Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S. Director and Co-Founder of Tiny Habits Academy (and BJ's sister)

Join Linda at 11am PT here (no registration required): Coming Soon

Tiny Habits for Respiratory Health

Mon, May 25

12:30pm PDT


There has never been a more important time to remember to take your inhalers and stay fit and healthy at home.

This 30-minute session is taught by Tiny Habits Coach, Dr Katherine Hickman, GP with a specialist interest in respiratory medicine.

Register here:

Habits for High Performance

Wed, May 27

12pm PDT


Lifestyle Medicine Doctor Robert Kelly, MD and Behavior Interventionist Amy Vest present some surprising top tips for high performance. You'll learn some great ways to fuel your motivation, and strengthen your ability to emerge from the pandemic with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

This 30-minute session is taught by Tiny Habits Coach Amy Vest and Robert Kelly, MD.

Register here:


Recordings of Past Sessions

(Select recordings and resources available at the links below. More will be added regularly)

Productivity and Work

Stress, Kids, Working from home: Tiny Habits for Focus (3 part series)

e-MPATHY: Tiny Habits for Managers to Foster Social Connections

Tiny Habits for Flow at Work for Individuals and Executives

Tiny Habits for Flow for Teams

Tiny Habits for Work-at-Home Parents

Tiny Habits for Working from Home

Business Communication During High Stress Times

Tiny Habits for Leading Remote Teams

Tiny Habits for Progress: Make Progress and Avoid Burnout

Tiny Habits for Remote Sales Teams

Tiny Habits for Reducing Screentime

Tiny Habits for Transitioning to Retirement During COVID-19

Tiny Habits to Kickstart Your Job Search

How to Upskill for the New Normal

Tiny Habits to Kickstart Your Career Transition Plan

Tiny Habits for Re-Boarding Your Team

Health and Hygiene

Tiny Habits for Handwashing

Tiny Habits to Stop Touching Your Face

Bodyweight Strength Training at Home—No Equipment Needed!

Top 3 Best Simple Exercises for Staying Fit at Home

Top 5 Best Tiny Habits for Staying Healthy at Home

Tiny Habits for Cyclists

Hydration and Why it Matters

Tiny Habits for Self-Care of Healthcare Workers

Tiny Habits for Impactful Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

Food: Our Best Ally for COVID-19

Tiny Habits for Untangling Night-Time Snacking

Tiny Habits to Strengthen Your Immune System

Two Main Components to Boost Your Immune System

Your Microbiome: Key to Your Optimal Health and Strong Immunity

Family and Relationships

Strengthen Friendships the Tiny Habits Way

Support Healthcare Providers Who Live with You—the Tiny Habits Way

Tiny Habits for Kids at Home

Tiny Habits to Teach Your Kids

Tiny Habits for Fostering Flow at Home, Work, Play

Tiny Habits for Generosity: Helping Each Other During Uncertainty

Tiny Habits for Couples

Tiny Habits for Parenting in Lockdown

Positivity and Wellness

Let's Talk about Habits (for people over 60)

Pearl Habits: Creating Positivity During Challenging Times

Tiny Habits to Embody Optimism

Tiny Habits for Daily Wellbeing

Tiny Habits for Staying Upbeat on Lockdown

Tiny Meditation Habits for Fostering Resilience to Stress

Tiny Habits for Mindfulness

Tiny Habits for Cultivating Gratitude in Challenging Times

Developing a Daily Practice using the Tiny Habits System

3 Surprising Habits to Shrink Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Tiny Habits When You’re in the Grip of Uncertainty and Fear

Tiny Habits to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

How to Foster Calm During Uncertainty

The Silver Lining to COVID-19

Tiny Habits for Tiny Musicians

Tiny Habits for Practicing Musicians

Tiny Habits to Connect with Nature

3 Habits to Help You Be Positive in Uncertain Times

Do Pause-Tiny Habits to Focus in the Midst of Stress and Uncertainty

How Long Will This Last? Tiny Habits for Stability

How to Move Forward in these Uncertain Times

Mood Boosting Tiny Habits in Lockdown

Using Tiny Habits to Generate Purpose

Mastering Change through the Power of Tiny Habits

How to Curb the Unhelpful Habits that Flourish During Lockdown

Feeling Hopeless? Tiny Habits for Mental Health

Balancing Instinctual Energies - Self-Preservation

Balancing Instinctual Energies - One-to-One

Home and Supplies

Tiny Habits to Make Your Supplies Last

Acquire Habits in Lockdown (the Fast, Fun, Easy Way)

Tiny Habits in Other Languages

Tiny Habits Para la Generosidad - En Español

Tiny Habits Para el Bienestar - En Español

Mach’ Pause-Tiny Habits um dich inmitten von Stress und Unsicherheit zu fokussieren

Versterk je weerstand en gezondheid: Tiny Habits om je écht met de natuur te verbinden

Tiny Habits für weniger "Rücken" beim Arbeiten

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