Expert Help with Coronavirus Challenges

For 10 weeks starting in March of 2020, Dr. BJ Fogg, Linda Fogg-Phillips, and the Expert Coaches they have trained in Tiny Habits offered free global workshops on using Tiny Habits for Coronavirus Challenges. 

With over 100 trainings on a variety of key topics, we now offer many of the recordings in the Expert Library below, for free. Each session ranges from 15-45 minutes in length.

Please email with questions. 

Featured Videos

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Strengthen Friendships the Tiny Habits Way

20-minute session taught by

BJ Fogg, Phd.

Tiny Habits for Working from Home

45-minute session taught by Mark Channon.

Bodyweight Strength Training at Home

15-minute session taught by Joshua C. Hollingsworth, PhD.

Tiny Habits Para la Generosidad en Español

Esta sesión de 30 minutos será impartida por Edith Asibey.

Pearl Habits: Creating Positivity

30-minute session taught by Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.

Tiny Habits to Connect with Nature

30-minute session taught by Peter Paul van Kempen.

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