I’ve shared Tiny Habits with over 26,000 people around the world. I invite you to join in.

5-day method is simple and effective. And people say it’s fun.

A session runs like this:

  • Getting Set Up (12 min): You learn about habits and select 3 new habits you want.

  • Monday - Friday (3 min): You do your Tiny Habits, and you respond to a daily email.

That’s all! It’s simple and effective.

This week you can sign up for special topics, each led by an expert I trained. Your expert coach will help you get started. Then for 5 days (from Monday through Friday) your coach will check in with you via email. Your reply back takes about 30 seconds. It’s quick and easy.

Our goal is to help you to learn how habits work and see real evidence you can change your life.

Sign up by 5pm on Friday, August 29th, to join a session that runs from September 1 to 5. --BJ Fogg

Tiny Habits - Generic Version with BJ Fogg
I interact with you via email. I answer you personally as my time allows. The other replies I’ve written in advance (it’s semi-automated).

You will get more personal guidance by choosing one of the specialty coaches below.

This week’s topics & specialists

Tiny Habits for Success with Suresh Murthy

Create Tiny Habits that will strengthen your focus to achieve the success you desire. You will become more aware of what controls your focus and how to take simple actions that will put you on the path to growth.
  • "Suresh was very supportive and acknowledged my victories. It made me feel like it was more personal"- Milgreed
  • "Thanks Suresh, your gentle prompts and encouragement worked". - Charlie B.
  • "Suresh did an excellent job for me. I wish him the best of luck as he continues on with coaching others.  Thank you, Suresh!"  -  Philips

Tiny Habits for Weight Loss with Leia DeSousa

End the cycle of crash diets and fluctuating weight. Learn how to create new, healthy behaviors that will lead to gradual, sustainable weight loss, one tiny step at a time.
  • “Honestly... I was surprised how effective this was. ...Definitely felt like getting an 80% result with 20% effort. - Adam G.
  • “Leia is wonderful. Appreciate her responsiveness.” - Doug T.
  • “Dear Leia, Thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciated knowing you were there for me. You are an amazing coach.” - Renee

Tiny Habits for Productivity with Jason Koprowski

Boost your effectiveness and reclaim hours of lost time with minimal effort.  Learn how to build better habits that can help you make progress on your biggest goals in only minutes per day (all without using any willpower!)
  • "What's surprised me most is how the Tiny Habits are very actionable, with very little resistance to doing them. I actually look forward to starting them because it provides a quick win in my productivity." -- Bryan L., New York, New York
  • "I was surprised that the tiniest of habits can have a huge impact. I was surprised to receive personalized coaching instead of automated generic emails. Want to make changes?  Contact Jason." -- Ben I., US Forest Service, Fire Management
  • “Great experience with Jason. His coaching made my Tiny Habits venture a satisfying (and now, ongoing) success.  In every communication, he shared meaningful and valuable content. I extend a hearty endorsement, Jason's great." -- Scott W., Provo, UT

Tiny Habits for Time Management with Martin Mark

Learn to take control of your time with the smallest steps possible. Build new tiny habits without relying on motivation or willpower.
  • “I highly recommend Tiny Habits, and Martin Mark as a coach, to anyone who wants to learn how to change or create a new habit. By working with Martin, I learned that by making a small change to how I start my day, I now have less stress and much better use of my time in the morning. I’m very pleased with my experience.”- Peggy