I’ve shared Tiny Habits with over 40,700 people around the world. I invite you to join in.

5-day method is simple and effective. And people say it’s fun.

A session runs like this:

  • Getting Set Up (12 min): You learn about habits and select 3 new habits you want.

  • Monday - Friday (3 min): You do your Tiny Habits, and you respond to a daily email.

That’s all!

In less than 30 minutes total, you’ll learn skills that will benefit you for a lifetime.

I start a new session each Monday. Click the blue link to join the next session.

Once our 5-day session starts, from Monday through Friday, I will check in with you via email. Your reply back to me is simple; it takes about 30 seconds. Yes --> it’s quick and easy.

If you have questions during the week, I answer you personally as my time allows. The other replies I’ve written in advance to match your situation. In all of this,
my goal is to help you learn how habits work.

--BJ Fogg

Oh, one more thing . . .

You can search Twitter to see how my Tiny Habits method has improved people’s lives. The success delights people, and it opens the door to future success. Join me to experience this for yourself.