I’ve shared Tiny Habits with over 26,000 people around the world. I invite you to join in.

5-day method is simple and effective. And people say it’s fun.

A session runs like this:

  • Getting Set Up (12 min): You learn about habits and select 3 new habits you want.

  • Monday - Friday (3 min): You do your Tiny Habits, and you respond to a daily email.

That’s all! It’s simple and effective.

This week you can sign up for special topics, each led by an expert I trained. Your expert coach will help you get started. Then for 5 days (from Monday through Friday) your coach will check in with you via email. Your reply back takes about 30 seconds. It’s quick and easy.

Our goal is to help you to learn how habits work and see real evidence you can change your life.

Sign up by 5pm on Friday, August 1, to join a session that runs from August 4 to 8. --BJ Fogg

This week’s topics & specialists

Tiny Habits for Success with Suresh Murthy
Create habits that will strengthen your focus to achieve the success you desire. You can expect the following:
  1. Awareness of what controls your focus
  2. Tools to sharpen your focus
  3. Simple actions that will put you on path to growth

Tiny Habits for Time Management with Mark Martin
Learn to take control of your time with the smallest steps possible. Build new habits without relying on motivation.
  • "What has surprised me most is HOW WELL this WORKS, and HOW tiny the habits really are.. AND I am enjoying this progress!" - Ingibjorg
  • “Martin, you were great and prompt. I must say it helped me to be in control of my day and of my life. I strongly suggest to people who want to live in the moment and to live a joyful life.” - Makbul

Tiny Habits for Weight Loss with Leia DeSousa
Give up the vicious cycle of crash diets and fluctuating weight. Learn how to create positive, healthy habits that can lead to sustainable weight loss, one tiny step at a time.

Tiny Habits for Productivity with Jason Koprowski
Learn how to build better habits that can help you make progress on your biggest goals in only minutes per day (all without using any willpower!)
  • "It was great working with Jason as my Tiny Habits Coach. I appreciated all of his ideas and support. He responded to questions I had pronto. And I also really appreciated the the equal-ness of the experience. I felt that we were in this together. I definitely recommend working with Jason." - Sheryl Mills from University of Saskatchewan
  • "Jason was absolutely invaluable in the way he supported me to be informed and confident enough to tailor my own habits best suited to my daily lifestyle. He was outstanding in his wealth of knowledge surrounding productivity. Plus, he is so easy to talk to. I felt that he genuinely wanted me to succeed with all his heart, and that gave me so much more motivation to succeed too. I would recommend Jason as a very approachable and professional coach and just an all round warm and generous individual." -- Mila A. from United Kingdom
  • "Jason did a fantastic job coaching me on the new habits I was trying to develop. He was incredibly generous with his time and energy and I really appreciated his support. Really positive and enthusiastic!" -- Oliver from Massachusetts

Semi-automated version

If you want to take my semi-automated version instead of the options above, you can. You won’t get as much guidance from me as you will from the coaches, so I encourage you to work with one of them. However, if you still want this version, then
click the blue link below.
If you have questions during the week, I answer you personally as my time allows. The other replies I’ve written in advance to match your situation.

Oh, one more thing . . .

You can search Twitter to see how my Tiny Habits method has improved people’s lives. The success delights people, and it opens the door to future success. Join me to experience this for yourself.